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Who We Are

InfiniTime is a leader in workforce management. We provide innovative software solutions and services to aid companies in the collection and dissemination of information for the improvement of employee productivity. We help to maintain critical relationships through the integration, automation, and mobilization of time tracking related activities.

What We Do

The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone application is the latest in mobile application technology with an easy to use interface. It is highly configurable to the needs of today’s businesses. The application is available in the Google Play Store and in the Apple App Store.

The InfiniTime Atlas Mobile smartphone app can be configured for geotagging punches, and geo-fencing specific locations. Geo-tagging allows each punch to be stored, showing the exact GPS location of the punch for your employee. The InfiniTime timecard map displays where the punch was made.

Geo-fencing allows you to limit you workforce to punch in within 300 yards of approved worksites. Geo- punching allows the application to automatically punch you workforce in and out based on their location. These features do not require employees be connected to a network or WIFI.


  • Operates When No Data Service Available
  • Provides accurate timekeeping records for compliance (DOL, ACA, FMLA)
  • Employees Clock in Faster With 1 Touch
  • Ease of Use for you and your employees
  • Reduces cost of labor by eliminating the approximation of hours

InfiniTime’s Fully Integrated System
Allows You To:

  • Identify coverage gaps
  • Promote collaboration and efficient workflow
  • Reduce Overtime
  • Reduce Over-staffing and Shortages
  • Help Employees pick up over shifts (Employees have the permission to take the shifts when they are open without manager approval)


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Features & Extras

  • Geo-Tagging
  • Unlimited Geo Fencing
  • Electronic Timecard Signing
  • Biometric finger scan
  • Secure Internal Messaging System

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Technical Specifications

Phone Operating Systems: iOS and Android
Delivery Method: Google Play and Apple App Store
Labor Costing Limits: Limited to 100 of Each Level
Transaction Limit: Depends On Mobile Memory Size

Available now on:    IOS BadgeGoogle Play Badge

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