Infinitime Online

InfiniTime Online Hosted Solution

InfiniTime Online is a fully hosted SaaS workforce management solution. InfiniTime Online is one of the easiest to use workforce management systems available! Your organization can streamline its labor management via a securely hosted AWS© SaaS solution. Simply log into InfiniTime Online from anywhere in the world to view timecards, schedule employees, edit timecards, review job costing, manage leave requests, export to payroll, and much more.

There is no software to install with InfiniTime Online. A web connected browser is all that is required to access all features. By using Amazon’s servers, InfiniTime Online provides a robust secure application for you and your team.

InfiniTime Online is built on the latest internet technology. With this technology the response times and security are the top of the line. By utilizing our SaaS solution, you don’t have to worry about data corruption, performance degradation, backing up data, maintaining hardware, or upgrading software. All of this is handled by our team of engineers. Our servers are constantly updated, backed up, and monitored to deliver a service you can truly rely on.

InfiniTime Online gives your team the option of adding mobile application capabilities, access control, biometric terminals, and badge reader terminals. You can monitor and configure the terminals directly from your InfiniTime Online management portal.

InfiniTime Online provides a robust toolset for companies large and small to manage their human capital. The latest data collection tools, calculation engine, reporting tools, and intuitive user interface makes it very easy to get information processed quickly and efficiently. Users find in depth scheduling and leave management that is fully integrated and works as one cohesive management system.

How it Works


Save Time & Money

  • The fastest database technology available
  • Eliminates manual calculation of hours
  • Support for changes in labor laws
  • Multitasking technology lets you work more quickly
  • Stops unauthorized overtime
  • Integrated with popular payroll services to eliminate the duplication of data entry


  • Records and summarizes lateness
  • Analyze non-worked time
  • Tracks benefit days
  • Unlimited accrual categories
  • Spots trends and patterns
  • Provides information for personnel files

Leave Management

  • Accrual Tracking
  • Detailed Accrual Reporting
  • Accrual Totals In Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Time Off Request From Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Manager Approval Of All Time Off Requests


  • Use biometric time clocks to expand InfiniTime’s capabilities beyond the computer.
  • Add biometric or badge readers at any time
  • Mobile application is available for Android© and Apple iPhone©
  • Customizable user interface
  • Robust role-based security system

Technical Requirements

  • Internet access
  • Internet connection for hardware
  • Modern internet browser like Chrome© or Internet Explorer©

Features & Extras

  • Get up and running in minutes
  • Browser based application with the latest in internet technology
  • Manage employees from the comfort of home
  • No server hardware required
  • Significant gains in processing speed
  • Regularly scheduled Secure data backups
  • Free company resources with no software to install
  • Multitasking features to increase performance and efficiency
  • Works on slow connections
  • Secure internal messaging to facilitate communication
  • Robust scheduling features with electronic leave requests, shift swapping, and much more
  • Interactive timecard editor
  • Automatic software updates
  • Add mobile application, biometric terminals, and other data collection methods


  • Workgroup scheduling
  • Internal messaging module
  • Eliminates employee time theft
  • Extensive reports
  • Implements grace periods


  • Highly customizable reports
  • Ad-hoc reporting capabilities
  • Schedule reports to email to any email address needed
  • Hundreds of reports available out-of-the-box


  • Graphic and Spreadsheet Style Schedule Editor
  • Schedule Template Capabilities For Fast Scheduling
  • Employee Schedule In Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Employee Editable Availability Through Web Portal and Mobile App
  • Employee Shift Cover, Shift Swap, Shift Change Requests, and Manager Cover Request Features
  • Configurable Employee Notification of Schedule Change


  • Separate Employee module and manager portal
  • Standard “In/Out” board
  • Automatic daylight savings time corrections
  • Free automatic online updates

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